Session 9: Geoengineering

In-class materials:

Documents to read or watch before the course:

  • Jason J. Blackstock and Jane C.S. Long, “The Politics of Geoengineering” (2010) 327 Science 527, download here.
  • Davic Victor, “On the regulation of geoengineering” (2008) 24 Oxford Review of Economic Policy 322, download here.

Complementary documents:

  • Naomi E. Vaughan and Timothy M. Lenton, “A review of climate geoengineering proposals” (2011) 109 Climatic Change 745, download here.
  • David W. Keith, “Geoengineering the Climate: History and Prospect” (2000) 25 Annual Review of Energy and Environment 245, download here.
  • Vivan Scott et al., “Last chance for carbon capture and storage” (2013) 3 Nature Climate Change 105, download here.