Session 7: Domestic implementation

In-class materials:

Documents to read or watch before the course:

  • Video: Green World Rising, “Carbon” (2014), download here (here is the original source) (voiced by Leonardo DiCaprio).
  • Video: “Cap and Trade – Carbon Offset – Carbon Footprint – Climate Change – Carbon Scam – Pollution Scam” (2010), download here (here is the original source).
  • Sharon Beder, “Charging the Earth: The Promotion of price-based measures for pollution control” (1996) 16 Ecological Economics 51, download here.

Complementary documents:

  • Jiang Xiaoyi, “Climate change and energy law” in Qin Tianbao (ed.), Research Handbook on Chinese Environmental Law (2015) 162, download here.
  • Robert Goodin, “Selling environmental indulgences” (1994) 47 Kyklos 573, download here.
  • Da Zhang et al., “Emissions trading in China: Progress ad prospects” (2014) 75 Energy Policy 9, download here.
  • Zhao Zhen-Yu et al., “A critical review of factors affecting the wind power generation industry in China” (2013) 19 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 499, download here.
  • EU Directive 2003/87/EC (consolidated), download here.
  • Video: Jonah M. Kessel, “China Coexist with Coal,” New York Times (3 November 2015), download here (here is the original source).
  • Video: VICE, “The devastating effects of pollution in China” (13 December 2012), download part 1 and part 2 (here is the original source).