Session 5: Climate change mitigation

In-class materials:

 Documents to read or watch before the course:

  • Video: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “Mitigation of Climate Change” (2014), download here (here is the original source).
  • Byrd-Hagel Resolution, S.Res. 98, 105th Cong, 143 Cong. Rec. S8138-39 (25 July 1997), download here.
  • US-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change (12 November 2014), download here.

Complementary documents:

  • UNFCCC Secretariat, “An Introduction to the Kyoto Protocol Compliance Mechanism,” UNFCCC website (accessed on 29 February 2016), download here (here is the original source).
  • UNFCCC Secretariat, Synthesis report on the aggregate effect of the intended nationally determined contributions, FCCC/CP/2015/7 (30 October 2015), pp. 1-16, download here.