Session 4: Differentiation

In-class materials:

Documents to read or watch before the course:

  • Lavanya Rajamani, “Differentiation in the Emerging Climate Regime” (2013) 14 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 151, download here.

Complementary documents:

  • Henry Shue, “Subsistence Emissions and Luxury Emissions” (1993) 15 Law & Policy 39, download here.
  • Harald Winkler and Lavanya Rajamani, “CBDR&RC in a regime applicable to all” (2015) 14 Climate Policy 102, download here.
  • Joanne Scott and Lavanya Rajamani, “EU Climate Change Unilateralism” (2012) 23 European Journal of International Law 469, download here.
  • Eric Posner and David Weisbach, Climate Change Justice (2010), download here, see in particular chapter 5.